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Auto-reseting mode for continuous mode bracketing

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Auto-reseting mode for continuous mode bracketing
« on: 13 / October / 2008, 18:23:45 »

Add two new continuous mode bracketing options to Tv, subject distance, Av and ISO bracketing:
  - "Reset series after N shots:" (On/Off, default Off)
  - "  N:" (number, default 3, preferably disallow user from setting values below 2)

When "On", continuous mode bracketing series is reset after each N shots. For N==3 this means that 4th, 7th, 10th etc. shot in continuous mode will use same settings as the 1st shot and that 5th, 8th, 11th shot use settings of 2nd shot etc.

The bracketing type (+, -, +/-) will still control bracketing as before. This option (if enabled) just forces every Nth shot to restart the series.


Currently we have three bracketing modes: +, - and +/-. They are fine, but they all go increasingly far away from the original exposure or focus distance, and thus they can't actually be used in applications that require continuous shooting (they are operated in that camera mode, but you just can't shoot a series of 100 shots with +/-2Ev Tv bracketing enabled).

Now, if we reset the bracketing series periodically, one can keep the shutter pressed as long as there's space on the memory card and all shots will be shot using good (and varying) settings.

This would be highly useful in shooting for example sports or moving animals or people, i.e. stuff that is gone if you didn't catch the shot because you were trying to figure out what the perfect exposure or focus distance should be, or because you interrupted the burst to adjust. This mode of course makes most of your shots underexposed, overexposed or out of focus, but the idea is that even an idiot like me will get 10 good shots out of 30 if they just can keep the camera still and pointed at the target at the right time.

To be properly useful for focus bracketing, this requires improvements to focus bracketing as well. More about that in another thread.


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