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Is any Rockbox source-code useful for CHDK?

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Is any Rockbox source-code useful for CHDK?
« on: 14 / October / 2008, 15:36:07 »
I was just checking out the Rockbox project, a CHDK-like program for MP3 players, and couldn't help but notice that they already have lots of features that have been requested for CHDK cameras. Things like:

A text editor with mini keyboard, you can even define your own keyboard layout with a simple txt file.
JPG viewer so you can view any JPG file you put on your player or cards. You can zoom-in on them and scroll around.
Chess, cards, and other games.
A more colorful menu system with colored icons.
Customizable themes for all menus and displays.
A more extensive context editor for any folder or file, rename, properties, etc.

And much more.

Since their whole project is open-source and all the code freely available, could some of its bits and pieces be used to add in some often requested features for CHDK?


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Re: Is any Rockbox source-code useful for CHDK?
« Reply #1 on: 16 / October / 2008, 03:31:42 »
this is interesting, especially the keyboard stuff. i can imagine it will be very difficult porting parts of the code though, so it might be easier to write stuff from scratch. maybe can be used though :)
p.s.: i think Dataghost has a lot of experience in ipod hacking afaik, maybe he has some thoughts on this


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