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Determining PLATFORMID etc

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Determining PLATFORMID etc
« on: 31 / December / 2007, 00:28:36 »
I'm trying to start a port to my digital camera, but I'm stifled by the extremely simple things. I have the firmware dump, I've objdump'd it to get the source, I have the development environment, and I'm reading the docs on how to start ports. There are various definitions that are supposed to be set in platform/.../sub/.../ . But I can't find any document on how you're supposed to /find/ them. I assume all the data is somewhere in the firmware dump, but where?


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Re: Determining PLATFORMID etc
« Reply #1 on: 31 / December / 2007, 09:17:10 »
I'm trying to start a port to my digital camera

Which Model?

Functions in VxWorks-cameras are (partly) identified using signatures (by tools/findsig). You will still probably have to find some by yourself. In any case you will need to find several addresses by examining the firmware.

Do you have IDA Pro? If not, don't bother to do something. It'll take you ages. If you do, use it to compare platform-dependent code and firmware of a supported camera (which is ideally similar to your own) with your cameras firmware. Be warned: It's probably not done between two cups of coffee.



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