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the sx10 porting thread

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Re: the sx10 porting thread
« Reply #290 on: 09 / June / 2009, 09:40:25 »
Above all, sorry for the bad english:

I understand all these requests for a 1.02b are quite annoying. But I also understand people have no other place to tell that they wish it. The problem is that there is to few people with the knowledge to do it and that people may be not interested on challenged to do it right now.

Well, I'm not a developer (unless Clipper Summer 87 still counts), but, working for the government for 25 years, I'm no strange to tedious tasks :-)

I would be more than glad to contribute with my almost noob knowledge and skills to port the firmware. I don't know if it's possible to assign some tasks to non-developers - like getting some pizza :-) - to speed or easy up the job, but, if so, count on me.
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Re: the sx10 porting thread
« Reply #291 on: 09 / June / 2009, 10:12:23 »
Please make CHDK for FW: 1.02b

BIG THX  ::)
I am very disappointed that no one takes the job. For once I can test your product. Yet I am not the only person to expect a version 1.02b :(

Please MTV.... Pip my Camera !! :P lol
Pleeeeeasee!! make chdk ver. 1.02b pleeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!
????? ???? ????? ?????????? ?? RAW ? ????? ?????(((
Please read the thread, and think about what you are asking for a second.

What would you do if someone on the street walks up to you and asks you to do a couple days of complex but not very interesting technical work for free ? If they say OMG PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE does that make you more likely to do it ?
I am a junior programmer and I would do this program myself if I had only knowledge required. For now, I contribute to society by freely giving of my time on open source project. I know it is not always pleasant to work on some aspect of a project. For my part, I face some challenge that gives me great satisfaction, at least when I can contribute.

Who will be my hero on CHDK ? :P

Re: the sx10 porting thread
« Reply #292 on: 09 / June / 2009, 12:37:52 »
Well, don't get too excited yet. I haven't done this kind of stuff in a while, but quite a bit of stuff has already been automated for me. It's mostly a matter of how long this will take me.

The thing is that this kind of work falls into the realm of Embedded Systems which is not your usual sort of software engineering because it usually involves working closer to the hardware than in application programming. Basically it's more like developing a Windows device driver than writing an application in Visual Basic or something.

In addition, the vendor doesn't intend for people to do any of this so they provide no documentation. So you have to take stuff apart (reverse engineer) in order to figure out what to do, whereas a vendor that expects you to develop software extensions will just give you exact instructions on what to do. So in addition to understanding the architecture and assembly language, you also have to understand DISassembly and analysis well enough to take the firmware apart.

That's why it's hard for someone who knows C, Java, VB, etc to catch on to all this because those languages are most often used to write applications for operating systems that insulate you from the hardware with many layers of abstraction, and come with nice documentation for the uppermost layers. Embedded systems are small though so there is usually not enough space and power for all those abstraction layers to make things easy for the programmer. As a result you usually end up with something like a layer of function calls written in assembly which can then be called by C code. Then at the very least you get to write the rest in C instead of asm.

As far as what other people can do....

It looks like 1.01b is almost exactly the same as 1.02b. I'm going to do 1.02b first since I have a camera with 1.02b, but once I do that it should be pretty easy (from what I can tell) to generate a 1.01b image with very little work. It may be a while, but when I get the 1.01b image then I'll need someone with a 1.01b camera to test it.

Re: the sx10 porting thread
« Reply #293 on: 09 / June / 2009, 13:48:31 »
Hi Nimrod,

I'm a beginner developper in embedded systems (CE) but I am interesting on how to program with this platform. At the time I don't know anything about how to program with powershot.
Also, I have a 1.02b SX10IS.

Can I help you in your work and how?


Re: the sx10 porting thread
« Reply #294 on: 09 / June / 2009, 14:00:24 »
At least I encourage you guys

Re: the sx10 porting thread
« Reply #295 on: 09 / June / 2009, 17:43:34 »
Can I help you in your work and how?
Well, it might be possible to split up tasks but you'll probably need to spend some time understanding all this stuff. Right now I'm working on understanding and then updating the code in trunk\trunk772\platform\sx10\sub\102b\boot.c.

Do you have IDA Pro? (You need ARM instruction support.) Basically you'll need that to do much of anything other than help test the code on your camera.

Stuff you'll need to read:

And the page on For Developers on how to compile CHDK for your platform. (I recommend using CHDK shell if you have windows because it just does everything, which is nice and saves time.)

Once you can build sx10/sub/101a I can send you what I have for 102b, but right now I haven't really done much of anything yet. (Mostly still trying to understand everything in boot.c)

Re: the sx10 porting thread
« Reply #296 on: 09 / June / 2009, 22:09:10 »

I'm newbie in chdk & arm's too.

as I have already bought SX10 IS with firmware 1.02b...
in three nights i'm finished porting from 1.01a to 1.02b

Testers are welcome!!!

P.S.: sorry for my bad english
P.S.S.: how may(must) i publish code?


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Re: the sx10 porting thread
« Reply #297 on: 09 / June / 2009, 22:16:18 »
Grin: a patch is preferred. You can zip it and upload to rapidshare since forum attachments are currently disabled. Or just zip the new/changed files.
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Re: the sx10 porting thread
« Reply #298 on: 09 / June / 2009, 22:23:51 »


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Re: the sx10 porting thread
« Reply #299 on: 09 / June / 2009, 22:57:07 »

I've checked this in, svn 774. This should make it easier for you guys to work together. You can post patches (svn or tortoise diff preferred) against that.

Grin: please check that the stubs_entry.s and stubs_auto.s that I've generated and checked in match what you are using.
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