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Canon RAW in Picasa 3

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Canon RAW in Picasa 3
« on: 22 / October / 2008, 22:11:07 »
Hey everyone, I'm new on the forums. I've been experimenting with CHDK for about a week now with my PowerShot SD1100IS A.K.A. IXUS80.

I was excited to have access to RAW data but then a little disappointed when I discovered that CHDK CRW files need to be converted before they can be used with Photoshop. My camera is not yet supported by DNG4PS2. On his website, Denis Artyomov give instructions on photographing a test image designed to allow him to calibrate the program for new cameras. Sadly, after sending him a variety of photos, it appears his calibration method does not work with this model camera.

Using the available color profiles in DNG4PS2 results in very ugly color casts being introduced into the output DNG files. However, I found the Picasa 3 from Google is able to open the unconverted CHDK CRW files and it does not seem to introduce any color cast. In fact, the files look fabulous when opened in Picasa 3. However, Picasa does not seem to have the ability to export to DNG. Am I missing something? Is there any way to use Picasa 3 to convert the CHDK CRW files to more compatible DNG files?


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Re: Canon RAW in Picasa 3
« Reply #1 on: 23 / October / 2008, 02:44:03 »
Hello and Welcome! Don't know about Picasa. You could try UFRaw, works ok for me.
Good Luck.


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