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Moon image with Canon A710 IS

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Re: Moon image with Canon A710 IS
« Reply #20 on: 05 / January / 2009, 17:39:25 »
outstanding stuff. Very cool!

Re: Moon image with Canon A710 IS
« Reply #21 on: 06 / January / 2009, 16:04:31 »

Thanks for sharing your wonderful shot. It's incredible what detail Registax can pick out, isn't it? I'm slowly mastering it and attach my latest effort took on Sunday evening (04/01/09). This is stacked from 10 frames and is my best yet. Definately the freezing cold night helped and the moon appeared a lot more steady on the screen of my a710is as I took the shots.

A couple of questions if OK:

1. How do you crop your images for Registax. When I have tried this in the past, Registax detects that my images aren't the same size and rejects them. Is there a way around this or do you use a template to crop that makes the files all the same size? (If yes, how do you do it and in what program)?

2. Does anyone know the best intervalometer script? i.e. at the moment I can only take ten consecutive shots using the a710is menu but I'm sure their is CHDK firmaware that could up this to whatever I choose. I reckon I could fit 30 shots of the moon in one go, before it moves off the screen (more in its early and late phases).

Thanks very much for any help (anyone) and to Isbeorn for keeping this thread going, Happy New Year!



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Re: Moon image with Canon A710 IS
« Reply #22 on: 06 / January / 2009, 17:43:19 »
Thanks :) and that is also really sharp - especially for only 10 frames. If you get past the script issues I can only imagine it will get even better!

I do my cropping in Adobe Lightroom, which is also the program that I import and develop all my photos in.

I made the crop to the first image so that the moon fit nicely in the frame. Then I copied the crop setting to the rest of the images. As I copied the crop they all get the same size, but of course I still need to move the cropping frame in each image so that the moon remains centered. You can get a trial version of Lightroom from Adobe's webpage. (At least if you're an osx or windows user.)

The script I'm using is the Ultra Intervalometer. It says in the wiki that it is written for Digic III and the S-series, so I don't know if it would work with your A710. Hopefully someone else can give some input there!

Otherwise you could always write your own simple intervalometer. I don't think it would have to be very advanced - just enter a loop that makes it shoot. :)

For my own I want to have another go at this! My focus got messed up the last time, and it was iffy cold so I didn't want to go back outside just then. And today it is cloudy, so no go. I think I'll skip taking raw files the next time, that way I should get a lot more frames in the same amount of time.
Also it hadn't occurred to me that I can actually move the camera and tripod to get the moon back in the frame :P
after the cropping it will all be the same anyway!


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Re: Moon image with Canon A710 IS
« Reply #23 on: 07 / January / 2009, 13:00:19 »
The full moon is about half degree (angular) in size, all objects on sky move at 15 deg/hour. It takes just about two minutes for full moon to move for its whole diameter, slow enough to fill the memory card with moonshine!  8)

Re: Moon image with Canon A710 IS
« Reply #24 on: 08 / March / 2009, 18:37:56 »
At the risk of flogging this thread to death, I did just want to post a recent shot I took of the moon using the continuos shooting script that fbonomi kindly provided for me (I can't program for toffee). Previously, I was only able to use ten consecutive shots found in the menu of my A710is, however, fbonomi's script enables me to take as many as I like, which is usually around 50 before the moon drifts off the senor. The attached image, of a 9-day-old-moon taken on the 5th March just gone, was based on 32 shots stacked in Registax. The seeing wasn't brilliant that night but stacking 32 shots really enables Registax to clean things up and I'm really pleased with the result, which wouldn't have been as good without CHDK!  :D




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