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Windows GUI for gcc toolchain

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Re: Windows GUI for gcc toolchain
« Reply #40 on: 23 / May / 2019, 15:14:06 »
Have you checked die bin folder for the compiled CHDK version in the source code directory (...\trunk-5216\bin)?
I've overlooked ;) Thanks again...
My first CHDK build :)
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**** Firmware creation completed successfully
The capstone folder is only optional for developers.
I want to be prepared for the M100 port  ;)

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Re: Windows GUI for gcc toolchain
« Reply #41 on: Today at 00:43:47 »
I made a build of capstone 4.0.1 which is compatible with the windows toolchain. Available from

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Unlike 3.x, no source patch is required, but the builds provided on the capstone download pages are not easily usable with the GUI and windows toolchain.

This package was built by starting a command prompt from the GUI, running bash in the command prompt, and then running
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PREFIX=/d/devel/capstone-mingw32-chdk-4.0.1 CAPSTONE_ARCHS="arm" make install
where /d/devel... is the directory that will be used to make the zip. The contents of include/capstone were then moved into the include directory, to match the structure expected by the GUI.

The MAKE_JOBS=1 setting appears to be required for the build to work in mingw shells.

Anyone using the capstone tools in development should update to 4.0.1. I plan to remove capstone 3.x support soon.
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