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g7 firmware installation

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g7 firmware installation
« on: 31 / October / 2008, 02:28:45 »
I have tried to install g7-100i-0.7.1-550 to my g7. The blue light flashed few times and green upgrade screen flashed few times. Looks like its been upgraded. But I did not get splash screen. And my camera did not reboot. It shuts off when I press <<Play>> button. After starting manually, I can't find CHDK. Does anyone know what went wrong? Your idea is appreciated.


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Re: g7 firmware installation
« Reply #1 on: 31 / October / 2008, 04:29:48 »
hi dance, welcome to the forum !

are you sure you got the proper version for your cam ? read the FAQ FAQ - CHDK Wiki to
find out how. if you've got the proper version, the following should happen when you use the
'firmware upgrade' option with the right version of CHDK:

1) CHDK logo should appear on screen for 1 - 2 sec

2) a couple of new indicators should be visible on screen

- now when you press the 'Shortcut' button <Alt> should appear bottom center of screen.
- with <Alt> on screen, press 'Menu' to get CHDK's main menu.
- to leave the CHDK menu press 'Shortcut' again

hope that helps,


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