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auto play settings

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auto play settings
« on: 16 / November / 2008, 14:16:17 »

I would like to change the delay between the pictures in auto play mode on my SX100.
Cameras hard setting is about 3 seconds. Most times I would prefer 5 seconds, but it can't be changed.



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Re: auto play settings
« Reply #1 on: 16 / November / 2008, 14:19:20 »
You can just use a script that presses the buttons for u at a given interval.

Re: auto play settings
« Reply #2 on: 17 / November / 2008, 03:08:14 »
As I am totaly new with this stuff, please tell me where I can find information how to make such a script. Exists there an example for this function?

To make a real auto play, it is not only to press the "Right"-Button and wait 5 Seconds. You also have to detect if the active one is a picture or a video. In case of a video you have to run it by pressing the "Set"-Button twice. Then you have to wait until the video has finished and then press the "Right"-Button to go to the next one.

Is all this possible with a script?

Re: auto play settings
« Reply #3 on: 18 / November / 2008, 03:32:11 »
No I have read about scripts. I don't think that autoplay with pictures and videos is possible. There are two problems:
1. How can I detect if it is a video or a picture
2. How can I detect if a running video has finished
I often have a mixture of pictures and videos, so a simple script without running videos would not satisfy me.

I love the autoplay feature for a relaxed automatic show on the TV without camera in the hand and pressing buttons. But if you want to get good impressions and make some commets to the pictures, 3 Seconds is a little too fast.

Is there no way to set the autoplay delay on SX100?  :(
On S1 you can set this by menu.


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