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S2 and remote problem

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S2 and remote problem
« on: 04 / November / 2008, 01:14:59 »
 Hello everyone.  I built myself a usb remote using a wireless doorbell ringer.  I know it functions correctly because I tested it on an A560 and the camera does a half shoot and then a full shoot, while in standard record, on a slow double click of the remote.
 On my S2 f/w 1.00f chdk build 544 the only thing the remote does is to put the camera into playback mode for as long as the button is pressed.  Using USB+ will also put the camera into playback mode.  This was tested with the "enable remote" and "enable synchable remote" options checked in various combinations.  The only way I can get the camera to take a picture is if I'm running a remote script and even then the camera goes into playback mode first.
 I would really appreciate any help that someone could provide.


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