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.RAW Resolution?

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.RAW Resolution?
« on: 04 / January / 2008, 23:26:19 »
Hello All,
   I have an a560 (FW 100a) and am using the "allbest-a560-100a-16"build. I am very new to cameras in general and am absorbing information as fast as possible.  When I take a picture as in the RAW format and convert it to .dng with "DNGForPowerShot". When viewed in irfan-view the resolution is stated as 1556 x 1164 although the corresponding .jpg is 3072 x 2304 (the max res. for this camera). Is there somthing i'm missing. Again I am new to this.

Thank you.
A560 100a


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Re: .RAW Resolution?
« Reply #1 on: 05 / January / 2008, 03:45:54 »
Look at the settings of your viewer. It should has an option regarding a preview size of RAW-files. It can be half-resolution for speed up the RAW-processing.

(At least for FastStone Image Viewer I faced with the same problem - half resolution of RAW-files in preview by default.)
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Re: .RAW Resolution?
« Reply #2 on: 05 / January / 2008, 05:38:13 »
Also note that once you manage to get rid of your 50% scaling, the raw image has slightly more pixels than the JPEG (the JPEG is cropped, which likely simplifies image processing algorithms in the camera).

Re: .RAW Resolution?
« Reply #3 on: 05 / January / 2008, 11:25:19 »
Thank you both. I found the option in irfan-view called "load image half size with plugin". It worked and the displayed is now  3112 x 2328. It did take longer to load but that's of no concern.
Thank you both
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