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« on: 11 / December / 2008, 17:06:56 »
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Re: File eraser
« Reply #1 on: 11 / December / 2008, 18:17:16 »
Been discussed a bit before.


If this is possible, you can probably already do it using reyalp's new file i/o commands in Lua. At least you could test it with a script, and if it proves successful, it could be implemented in C for speed.

The problem is that we can't touch the filesystem directly (well maybe we can, but currently we don't do it / don't know how to do it / haven't had the reason to try to find how to do it). Basically this means we don't know if we're really overwriting the image that is inside e.g. IMG_0001.JPG. We could be writing somewhere else on the card, and naming the new location IMG_0001.JPG instead and the original file would still be there to be found by image rescue apps, in whole or partially.

Deleting all images and filling the card with random data should work, though, but is slow and pretty destructive of course.