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Webcam operation

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Re: Webcam operation
« Reply #10 on: 14 / February / 2010, 19:21:32 »
Good job, but i have lost something,
both A550 and A570is are listed as not able to capture from remote in the gphoto2 ( ) and in the psRemote websites
How did you manage to make it work???

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Re: Webcam operation
« Reply #11 on: 15 / February / 2010, 16:22:14 »
First, the recent posts about eye-fi have nothing much to do with camera capabilities as the memory card is doing it all (i.e. CHDK isn't needed for an eye-fi cards to work, but you may want to run a CHDK script to keep your camera shooting the way you want).

Other things mentioned in this thread are rather old (but they do work and are a lot easier to experiment with now that we have the eventproc script interface). My old demonstration somewhere above basically worked by setting the camera to run a script to shoot a lot, hacking the camera to make PTP USB transfer from camera to PC work in REC mode (instead of just PLAY mode) and having the PC constantly poll the camera for new files via USB.

My problem was that I wasn't able to upload anything (even simple commands) to the camera in order to control the script in any way. This has recently been cunningly resolved by having CHDK add some custom functionality to the camera's PTP interface in order to enable commands to be sent and data to be transferred, see,4338.0.html.

Re: Webcam operation
« Reply #12 on: 22 / October / 2010, 19:06:25 »

I also purchased the EyeFi card for my project. I am running it in a Canon A550 with a DC power supply attached and a very simple script that takes a picture every 10 min between 6am and 6pm. The camera script should run indefinitely until I stop the script or switch the camera off.

Unfortunately after about 2 days the camera switches off by itself, sometimes sooner. I can not find the common denominator in all this. I want the camera to run automated as long as possible with out me touching it.

Any one having similar problems? Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

If you want to see my project got to:


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Re: Webcam operation
« Reply #13 on: 22 / October / 2010, 23:08:24 »
A romlog may provide some clues. You'll have to build your own CHDK to do this.

CHDK also now includes the capability to reboot the camera, so you could try rebooting daily.

Is the script ubasic or lua ? If it's very simple, you can try the other language. Note that it is possible for lua to exhaust all available memory without running garbage collection, or allocate so much that some other camera process fails. You can check lua memory usage and force garbage collection with

I'm not sure this why this is in the "webcam operation" thread, it probably deserves it's own thread.

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