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« on: 01 / December / 2008, 06:04:28 »
Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has an idea of the reaction time for this script (time from circuit closure to camera fire) for the Canon G9. I expect it would be faster with manual focus and man. exposure. If I am after the fastest possible response, is this the best script to use? Many thanks, Bruce


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Re: simple_remote
« Reply #1 on: 01 / December / 2008, 12:56:28 »
I don't know, but for any script with any trigger the fastest way from trigger to shooting is to have the camera (script) wait for trigger shutter half pressed. That way auto exposure & focus are done when arming the remote shutter, not when pressing the external trigger.

I don't remember the actual absolute delays (SDM docs may help, even though they concentrate on syncing the delay of two cameras and measuring the difference between the two, not minimizing and measuring the absolute delay), but it's probably somewhere between 10 ms and 50 ms and for most cameras quite repeatable as long as your CHDK is in the correct remote mode.


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