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Partial S5IS 1.01B Firmware Analysis

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Partial S5IS 1.01B Firmware Analysis
« on: 05 / January / 2008, 10:56:59 »
Since the 1.01B firmware was posted by GhostData I've been working through it in IDA (v5.0), I figured I'd post my progress so far in the interests of getting the DryOS port up and running ASAP.

The majority of the Functions which are named have been named from Debug info, there are also quite a few I've given preliminary names, please note however that this is very early stages.

* functions prefixed asrt are functions which have assert statements with a source filename attached e.g. asrtXXX_c(_#) are functions which have assertions in them relating to XXX.c.
* functions prefixed with u_qu are functions I've found and named as to what my initial analysis suggests they do
* some functions are addressed as u_XX where XX is the class that I believe the function belongs to e.g. u_UI_XXX is a UI function of some description.
* u_refsXXX is a function which refers to XXX e.g. u_refsADC refers to the Camera's ADC

The .idb can be downloaded from

I will update the copy there as I progress.


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