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Document camera?

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Document camera?
« on: 01 / December / 2008, 11:25:15 »
I want to improvise a document camera connected to my PC.  My eyes are getting old.  Use this to read my texts and novels.  Also amateur micro photography - I have done this before with 35mm still camera.  Would prefer to be able to flip a page and continue reading.  Have not bought the Canon yet - perhaps the 570, 590, or 720?  Is this currently possible?  Thanks.

Re: Document camera?
« Reply #1 on: 15 / March / 2009, 00:59:24 »
Hey, the reason I have an ixus 85IS, is I dropped the ixus80 whit lens extended!
Not happy, I might try and get rid of the "parts" on ebay, See how many photon nerds are ready to put their money were their mouth is.

I have written assembler, and my first IT job at 18 was to clean Hardrives! You open them up (they stood over 3 foot) and polish the platter!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh the old days :-)
I also enjoyed spooling film in the dark to develop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ixus 85IS


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