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batch processing CHDK RAW files

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batch processing CHDK RAW files
« on: 23 / September / 2009, 09:18:57 »
hello, i have some general questions: i recently shot some pics which i hope to turn into one big panorama. the problem is, lighting conditions varies when shooting in sun direction and away from sun. so, i've decided to use RAW.
now, i have set of raw files and would like to convert them to jpg and then stitch. how can i make this?
by saying 'convert' i mean get as much as possible out of the pictures, so i'm probably looking at some hdr stuff.
i'm not sure where to start. i could convert all photos by hand, but then i could end up with photos differing in exposure, which i want to avoid.

so, to put it simply, how can i batch convert a set of chdk raw files into hdr jpg set?


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