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A580 CHDK Build

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A580 CHDK Build
« on: 09 / December / 2008, 18:57:14 »
Why is the CHDK for the A580 taking so long?  Will the A590 work?  My firmware version is 1.01b     ???


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Re: A580 CHDK Build
« Reply #1 on: 09 / December / 2008, 19:42:27 »
Hello & welcome Richard0707,

Why is the CHDK for the A580 taking so long?  Will the A590 work?  My firmware version is 1.01b     ???

No, the A590 won't work, definitely.
Until now there's no developer with an A580 camera + the time & will to do the porting.

Do you speak assembler and C, are you familiar with compilers, debuggers & the ARM architecture ?
If the answer is yes: hurray - start porting CHDK to the A580, you'll get much help from the guys here !
...otherwise...as said often here in this forum:  patience is a virtue  :)

Re: A580 CHDK Build
« Reply #2 on: 15 / December / 2008, 20:56:11 »
i'm not speaking much c nor assembler yet..
but maybe step by step instructions on what to look for in the dump file
i guess you need some register addresses and the corresponding values ?
am i just lost laready ? :)
i have my a580 at hand,and some assembler knowledgeable buddies to help me along
so maybe ,get me instructions to get to them,so they know what to do a little more :)
or get me the link(s) to such information(s) ,if those exist :)


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Re: A580 CHDK Build
« Reply #3 on: 16 / December / 2008, 01:21:38 »
There is no way to make step by step instructions. There are no shortcuts, it takes a lot of work and some specific technical knowledge. No one can just tell you how to do it... that would take more effort than actually doing the port.

Read For Developers - CHDK Wiki , browse around the threads in the development forums, and most of all, read and understand the source. If you have specific questions after that, there's plenty of people here who would be happy to answer them. OTOH, if you can't figure out what to do from those things, you don't have the required skill set to complete a port.
Don't forget what the H stands for.


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