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dslr at all?

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dslr at all?
« on: 12 / December / 2008, 05:13:39 »
is there any dslr camera which can use CHDK? and if there isn't, hvis camera is then the best one that can?


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Re: dslr at all?
« Reply #1 on: 12 / December / 2008, 08:14:02 »
there is no chdk for DSLR at all, just for Canon Powershots and Ixuses.
well.. it's hard to determine which is the best, but by image quality i can recommend:
A650IS (har to find a new one, but good price, below $300 good quality)
G9 (you can buy on ebay a used one for $350)or G7 from the older ones
and IXUS SD950(stylish) and maybe SX100IS (long zoom, pocketable)

ps: it's just my opnion, see CHDK - CHDK Wiki for supported cameras


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