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Intervalometer recommendation needed

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Intervalometer recommendation needed
« on: 19 / December / 2008, 03:56:33 »
Hey!  I'm also in the Africa post, but since this is a different question, I thought I'd post it here.
I have an sd1000, and need an intervalometer script for a time-lapse imaging film I'm taking from my bike as i ride from Cairo to Cape Town.  I need something that will record images at around 7 meg, shoot for hours on end, at intervals of about 7ish seconds.  I'm also wondering if i need to load that, and if I have to do that before I set up the autolaunch and lock my memory card, or if I can add a script on afterwards.


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Re: Intervalometer recommendation needed
« Reply #1 on: 19 / December / 2008, 04:13:32 »
There are plenty of intervalometer scripts around here. Just search for "timelapse script" or "Intervalometer". You can basically use any of them, but i suggest you try some out and check which one is easiest to set up or to use..

You can load scripts at any time after booting chdk over the scripting submenu, thats where you can change script options too.
I really suggest you play around with chdk a little, maybe to a test ride with your bike + cam to see if everything works as expected..

A little offtopic:
From cairo to cape town - isnt that something like 8000 km? How long do you think will it take to do that trip? And what i'm really curious about: How to you charge your batteries? With dynamos on your bike?  (I know they have electricity in afrika too.. But still, those ixus li-ion battery probably only last 3-4 hours)

Re: Intervalometer recommendation needed
« Reply #2 on: 20 / December / 2008, 04:22:56 »
thanks for the advice!  Can I just copy the script into a textfile, rename the file as requested and drop it in my scripts folder?  The sample scripts we're given are not textfiles, and have been saved as something unidentifyiable in my computer.
I would have loved to have had a chance to work with a dynamo, but unfortunately I'll just be recharging an excess of batteries every time we get near a power source - spent so much time fundraising and training that the tech-y stuff played second fiddle. 


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