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Anti-Virus False Positives

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Anti-Virus False Positives
« on: 24 / December / 2008, 10:09:35 »
I know that this subject has been addresses in other threads.
A few days ago, there was a report on the forum of Cardtricks being reported as a virus by Macafee.
I downloaded Cardtricks twice and scanned it with AVGfree. AVGfree reported Cardtricks as virus clear.
It seems that the latest AV definition for AVGfree is scanning Cardtricks as a Worm/Autoit.JDC virus.

This is getting beyond a joke.

It seems that the AV companies are in competition for the Darwin Prize for full a frontal lobotomy.

Maybe the moderators can make the Anti-Virus False Positive issue a sticky because the way it is heading there will be a lot more people getting caught with Anti-Virus False Positive issues.


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Re: Anti-Virus False Positives
« Reply #1 on: 24 / December / 2008, 10:45:18 »

No sweat, i put a warning + link to online scanning service on CardTricks main page (see my sig)
I look at it philosophically: it's a testimony to the power of AutoIt (and the stupidity of AV proggers)  :lol



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Re: Anti-Virus False Positives
« Reply #2 on: 24 / December / 2008, 18:30:48 »
AutoIt is considered by some stupid Anti Virus Software to be dangerous, but this depends on what the author done with AutoIt...  ;)



Re: Anti-Virus False Positives
« Reply #3 on: 25 / December / 2008, 21:27:30 »

Thanks. I thought I would report it to save other people getting caught. I agree with you about the stupidity of AV programmers. I am a hardware guy not software. Unfortunately my learning curve is too great and I do not grasp things like I used to. I am quite proficient with Windows. I tried Linux and PC-BSD. If I could change over I would immediately. There are probably a lot of people who visit this forum who are in my position.

I looked at this site a while ago:

DFPE | Digital Photography Edition - Digitale Fotografie Editie

I do not think that Windows 7 is going to be the OS that Microsoft is professing. My impression is that it will be at the best Vista service pack 3.

I know that this is primarily a CHDK software development site, would it be a good idea/suggestion that the CHDK site piggy backs onto something like the above site to assist other members contemplating a changeover to Linux. Maybe as time progresses a pendrive CHDK distro could be compiled. 

I spoke too soon. It is amazing what you find when you Google.

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