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Panorama Assistent - possible to add???

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Panorama Assistent - possible to add???
« on: 23 / December / 2008, 20:37:07 »
Hi all,

I am really missing the good old panorama assistent on the new SX 110.  :(
It would be great to have it back.

Is there any chance to include it in CHDK?



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Re: Panorama Assistent - possible to add???
« Reply #1 on: 25 / December / 2008, 11:25:55 »
Try the edge overlay feature?

Re: Panorama Assistent - possible to add???
« Reply #2 on: 26 / December / 2008, 01:14:25 »
cp p50 has a clever one. first you decide into which of the four directions. then the overlay. fixed settings: once you have set flash, selftimer(important if you have no cable),focus and exposure corection it will stay until panorama is finished.
i am using panorama-setting for difficult single shots. but: zoom cannot be changed. these restriction will certainly not affect canon-cameras with chdk.
clever would be to have a snap-in-solution, maybe with changing patterns. when you turn the camera(with or without tripod) changing pattern will show you at what position to shoot. or: simple solution. when snapped-in the pattern disappeares or vice-versa. pattern flashes only when right position is reached. maybe it must be more clever since the camera must be levelled.
we need: bubble-level inside camera-or color-lights or arrows. but we need four-direction-levelling.
i forgot bubble-level when shooting my 3dstereo-aeropanorama-180 degr. at 1:4-ratio a lot had to be cropped to show a pleasing sphinx(observatory) at jungfraujoch-switzerland-bernese alps. orignal is razorsharp. huge 3d-stereo-poster-both-side printing  in development.
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