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Canon G9 100f bug?

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Canon G9 100f bug?
« on: 24 / December / 2008, 02:50:11 »
Alright, let's start with the basics: I have a G9, 100f.

I was using CHDK, version 0.8.10 (640-full), which was listed as compatible for the 100f and 100g.

My SD card is a SanDisk 2.0 gb, standard, blue type and nothing special. I have a Mac, OSX vs 10.4, and I followed the directions on the site and made the disk bootable, locked it, no problem. CHDK loaded up like a charm.

I haven't used too many of CHDK's features; I've had it for a week and it's been great. I mostly use it for the more accurate battery info, and occasionally for the 64 second shutter speed. I played Connect 4 one siting and the computer kicked my butt.

On this particular occasion, I was shooting the G9 in raw mode (Canon's raw, not CHDK). CHDK was booting up every time, but I hadn't had any of the features turned on (other than the default OSD stuff). I would take a few pictures, switch to playback to review, take a few more, switch to playback...

I probably took 40 pictures over the course of an hour during this shoot. Suddenly, I switch to playback to review like I had been doing, and I'm told there are no images. I go back to shooting mode, and the G9 tells me the card is locked. I turned it off, took out the battery and the SD card and put them back in, still no dice.

I put the SD card in my reader at home. My Mac tells me roughly 700 mb on the 2.0 gb card are used, but the pictures are nowhere to be found...

... obviously, I'd like to salvage my pictures. But if that can't happen, I'd like, at the very least, to get some sense of what happened so I and other users can avoid this calamity in the future.

Thanks in advance,
- W.

Re: Canon G9 100f bug?
« Reply #1 on: 24 / December / 2008, 03:03:35 »
Forgot to mention: Diskboot.bin had disappeared from the SD card. I put it back on from my computer, and the G9 loads up CHDK like before, no problem. I took one new picture (Canon Raw, again, not CHDK) and it shows up perfectly fine on my computer. CHDK still tells me there are no other images.

My computer told me that 698.4 mb on the card were used before I took the additional picture; now, it's telling me that 711.9 mb are used (with the additional picture on the card, which is easy to find in the proper sub-folder).

I'd really like some way to salvage the images, but more importantly, I don't want to lose that many images - for no apparent reason - again.


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Re: Canon G9 100f bug?
« Reply #2 on: 24 / December / 2008, 03:05:02 »
(from CHDK trunk timeline, #647
* fixed bugs in CHDK RAW shooting
* camera can power-on in record mode

In other words, upgrade ...



BTW, stop taking new pics NOW (at least on that card) and find an SD card undelete utility (maybe Testdisk/PhotoRec: TestDisk Download - CGSecurity)
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Re: Canon G9 100f bug?
« Reply #3 on: 24 / December / 2008, 03:06:15 »
hm, did you perhaps create a second partition in the chdk debug menu?
go to misc and press "swap partitions", what happens?

Re: Canon G9 100f bug?
« Reply #4 on: 25 / December / 2008, 23:25:31 »
Upgraded and salvaged. Thank you both.


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