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Essential features & improvements for advance opertaion

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Essential features & improvements for advance opertaion
« on: 07 / January / 2008, 14:11:07 »
Firstly, English is not my first language. I would try my best to describe my opinion clearly.

I've searched old post & using a SUPERB firmware with f/16, 60s exposure in my A630.
Summarize my camera use experience, I find out the following features could be try to add in:

1) Fast swap AiAF & Flex Zone function

The idea is from Minolta DCs' ergonomics control, it's an amazing design for experienced photographers.
Why not include the fixed AF point? Because Flex Zone has been overlapped this function.

I suggest after press the CUSTOM FUNCTION button, then press DISPLAY button to swap it. The control flexibility will be increase very much.

2) Ultra High Speed Continuous Drive

Some of advanced models of Prosumer DCs, they could shoot around 10 fames per second by control the electronic shutter, and record 15-20 frames each time. It is because they used 1280x960 1MP (or lower) to record frames in buffer memory temporarily, then transfer recorded frames to record media.

I would suppose the program can be setup to 15 frames in 1280x960 for upper limit. Because today's compact camera at least with about 32MB cache memory. So that could be ensure cameras with enough temporary storage.
And the slowest shutter speed limit must be employed. I guess around 1/15s is OK.

3) Override control Manual Focus control can be SUPER MACRO after zoom in

The lens archi could be do that.

4) Color shift for color correction or filtering adjustment

Similar with the color temperature, Blue & Yellow shift
And the other opposite color are Red & Cyan, Green & Magenta(Pink)

This would be a superb function for any correction & creative controlling

5) Focal Length Multiplier

Numbers of users have experienced use Wide OR Tele converter.
Multiplier can be help user to record the right Focal Length information in EXIF.

The range usually from 0.3x - 3.0x
For digiscoping, the Multiplier may be need to setup to 10x-30x? I'm not sure. But it should be really useful.

Thanks for reading

Re: Essential features & improvements for advance opertaion
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