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Having trouble with RAW from 960IS

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Having trouble with RAW from 960IS
« on: 26 / December / 2008, 17:27:17 »
I'm having a little trouble with 3 RAW (EV 0, +1, -1) files from my SD950 / IXUS 960IS (via CHDK).

I can take raw as CRW, and they look ok through Picasa's viewer (although strangely all 3 shots look correctly exposed, where as they were bracketed.) I can use DNG4PS 2-0.2.3 beta16 to convert to DNG (and now they look correct in Picasa - one accurate, one under, one over).

The problem comes when I import either into Dynamic Photo HDR. The CRW files from the camera come through, but all have a really orange tint, which I haven't been able to remove. The DNG files come through all white in the merged view (and all black for tone mapping).

I just tried this with AutoPano Pro - and the raw files look ok in preview (until it then crashes when trying to merge them); so I guess it's probably a Dynamic Photo problem - so I've posted this same message there.
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Any suggestions?



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Re: Having trouble with RAW from 960IS
« Reply #1 on: 26 / December / 2008, 20:34:13 »
CHDK raws are just a sensor dump, they don't have any exposure/white balance etc information. Picasa seems to just do some sort of educated guessing when it loads them. Other programs that expect them to be an actual canon .CRW will barf.

DNG files (both from the camera and DNG4PS) are 10 bits per pixel. It appears that not all DNG applications support this format. You can try importing with one that does, and converting it to 16bpp.

See the stickies in the raw forum for more info RAW Shooting and Processing

correction: DNG4PS2 DNG files should already be 16 bit.
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Re: Having trouble with RAW from 960IS
« Reply #2 on: 27 / December / 2008, 07:54:33 »
Thanks.  Good tip.  Adobe's DNG converter seems to have converted the camera files to quite workable DNG files - that are now working well in Dynamic Photo HDR.



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