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Sd400 autoboot

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Sd400 autoboot
« on: 28 / December / 2008, 19:58:53 »
i have problems getting autoboot to run on my cann powershot SD400 using latest autobuild and the "b" firmware.

Works fine manuly


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Re: Sd400 autoboot
« Reply #1 on: 28 / December / 2008, 20:06:14 »
You need to describe specifically what you've done to try to enable autoboot, and what the results were.

This appears to be an older vxworks camera, so all you should have to do is
2) make sure your card is locked
3) load manually, and select Make Card bootable... from the misc menu.

The cards needs to be formatted fat16 or fat12, but it probably is since that camera doesn't appear to support SDHC.
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Re: Sd400 autoboot
« Reply #2 on: 28 / December / 2008, 20:21:13 »
sorry but i just figured that out

it works

i am just new to this


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