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motion detect-display off-A720

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motion detect-display off-A720
« on: 06 / January / 2009, 09:32:55 »
i mave a720is. use motion detect script but after X second dispaly off. Motion detection after dont shot.
Dispaly off is set in Menu>Power Saving>Display Off (10second-3min) but cant set 0second
How to fix my problem so motion detection work after 3min?


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Re: motion detect-display off-A720
« Reply #1 on: 06 / January / 2009, 10:07:40 »
Set from chdk menu disable display off: script.

Re: motion detect-display off-A720
« Reply #2 on: 07 / January / 2009, 14:17:33 »
I am having this identical problem also on an A590 after three minutes go by.  Once the display turns off, capture stops.   I am a newbie also and can't seem to find the place in the CHDK menus to change the option to keep the display on during script execution.  Thanks in advance for any help here.

Update:  I found it!!!  Its under the MISC menu and seems to work.   
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