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Uploading Images - Size

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Uploading Images - Size
« on: 28 / November / 2007, 14:09:31 »
Hi there members.

I've noticed that you have started to post pictures in the forum. When building the forum, I have set restricted picture sizes and dimensions.

Have no fear that I plan to increase the limits, as this is essentially a photography forum. Nevertheless, I have still to further analyze this question, because big images consume a lot of hosting space and -more important- hosting bandwidth.

I'll get back to you with this question in the next few days.


Re: Uploading Images - Size
« Reply #1 on: 29 / November / 2007, 14:30:40 »
File size should matter when you start talking about picture quality, etc.

Even so, pictures never get published in full format (only thumbnails), so you only have to download the ones you want to download.

note: my cdma modem went beserk so my presence here will get a bit scarce while I get it replaced/repaired. be nice ;)


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