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USB remote - initiate script?

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USB remote - initiate script?
« on: 10 / January / 2009, 03:02:52 »
Hi, I'm wondering whether a USB remote can trigger a script to start? For me it only triggers the shutter when not in ALT mode. I'm using an IXUS50 and a 1.5v battery for the remote (seems everyone else uses 3v+ but this does the job).
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Re: USB remote - initiate script?
« Reply #1 on: 10 / January / 2009, 06:37:37 »
I'm not sure but probably not. It would be possible to make it work like that of course.

But you can already modify any script to first wait forthe remote press and instead of ending, make it loop to the start so that another remote press will start it again.


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