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Problems with Lightning Script

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Problems with Lightning Script
« on: 29 / December / 2008, 01:41:05 »
I've successfully installed CHDK on my IXUS 80. The main reason why I really wanted to, is to set my own shutter speeds and take pictures of lightning and water drops, etc.

I've installed the lightning script on my camera, but I don't know what settings I have to put my camera on. I'm completely new to CHDK.

When I run the script when the camera's on AUTO with flash turned off, it waits for the first movement (such as my hand) then it goes crazy and takes pictures every second.

What are the ideal settings script for capturing lighting?

And how do I override the camera's shutter speed limit? It has to be a fast shutter speed to capture lightning, right?

Thanks so much.


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