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Romanian language file

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Romanian language file
« on: 09 / January / 2009, 09:01:45 »
I've posted the Romanian translation of the CHDK language file here :

0000185: Romanian language file - CHDK Bugtracker

There's also some questions asked there, which I'm going to post here also, because there are probably more users willing to give their say:

It would be great if there would be some documentation somewhere (maybe it already exists but I didn't find it - too tired now to look again) about:

1. how many characters are allowed/fit on one line on the camera's display.

I've tried to keep it around 30-32 characters max per line

2. the style of translation for the texts

Some languages (like Romanian) have different spelling for words, depending on how you address a person.
If you want to sound official or to show respect for that person, you write in one way, if you want to sound like talking between two friends or persons of about the same age, you write differently. I chose the second because generally words are shorter.

For example, you say "Activati" (Enable) when you say for example to your boss "Please enable this option to print the document in color".
If you say "Activeaza" (it's longer but usually this style has shorter words), it's like saying "Dude, enable this checkbox to print in color." It's not offensive, just more friendlier.

An even better example for "Are you sure you wish to format this Flash card?"

official: "Sunteti sigur ca doriti sa formatati acest card Flash?"
friendly: "Esti sigur ca vrei sa formatezi acest card Flash?"

I went with the second because generally text lines would be shorter.


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Re: Romanian language file
« Reply #1 on: 09 / January / 2009, 09:15:55 »
funny, i was gonna comment in the bugtracker today :D

1. i think it depends on the size of the font as well as the location of the string, i.e. will be used in the menu or in a popup box?
unfortunately, there is no general rule for the length of strings, you would have to try it out
2. i think we cannot give you a rule there as well, personally, i would go the informal way, but in german this normally is shorter. i guess the shortest way is the best, and if that even is the polite version - its even better.


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Re: Romanian language file
« Reply #2 on: 09 / January / 2009, 11:32:16 »
i think you should use the shorter one (ca intre prieteni :) )


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