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Multipartition on S3: Memory card error

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Multipartition on S3: Memory card error
« on: 10 / January / 2009, 04:55:52 »
I'm doing multipartition on a Transcend 16GB SDHC card to use CHDK on my S3. I've done this before with success, but now I can't make it work right. What I've done (I'm using Win XP):

1) Use aefdisk32 to make 16MB FAT16 partition, the rest FAT32. (aefdisk32 [drive #] /delall /pri:16:6 /pri:0:c /activate:1)
2) Format FAT16 partition, make it bootable, put CHDK files on it. (format [drive] /FS:FAT, bootable.exe [drive])
3) Change partition type of FAT16 partition to 00 using Beeblebrox.
4) Format FAT32 partition.

Inserting the SDHC card in my S3 it displays "Memory card error". If I use Beeblebrox to change the type of the FAT16 partition back to 01, the card works fine in the camera, but having done this before (same camera, different but same brand/capacity card) I know it should work just as well when the type is set to 00. Any idea what can be the problem?
SX100, S3


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