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Asking a favour: can you shoot some pics for me ? :-)

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Asking a favour: can you shoot some pics for me ? :-)
« on: 14 / August / 2008, 07:00:46 »
I am working at the new version of my night-time timelapse script, and I am testing some algorithms to measure the correct exposure of a picture taken at night.

You see here:
a tool I did to experiment a little.
To give it a test try, do the following:
- click on fist image
- click on first frame
- click on "change parameters"
- click on "Night with visible sky"
- Press the "Set" button at the end of the page

You can now browse the images, and for all images the program will tell you if he thinks it's over-exposed or underexposed, with correction factor that would basically tell the program if and how much the exposure for next frame should be changed.

I will discuss later the details of the program, for the moment I am asking a favour...

To properly test the algorithm, I need a variety of shots taken in very different conditions (in town, in the country side, at dusk, at full night, with/without string artificial lights etc.).

It would help me very much if some of you could take some of these pictures. I am seriously lacking series taken in town, but other conditions would help too!

Basically, I need series of 15-20 pictures of the same setting taken with exposure times ranging from 1/2" to 65", in rather small steps

Sample settings for shooting could be:

Resolution: Small (640x480)
Sensitivity: 800
Continuous mode
Bracketing in continuous mode
      Tv Bracketing 1/3 EV
      Bracketing mode: -
Probably you will have to set focus to manual, set to infinity .

thanks to anyone that will help!

PS: This script can be useful, it simulates keeping the "shoot" button pressed until you press any kay...

Code: [Select]
@title Continuous:
print "Continuous-drive:"

press "shoot_half"
sleep 3000
press "shoot_full"
gosub "waitpress"
release "shoot_full"
release "shoot_half"
print "Done..."
print ""



Continuous Drive script - great!
« Reply #1 on: 28 / June / 2009, 15:17:31 »
I just came across your mini Continous Drive script. It's extremely useful. All those situations where you don't want the camera to move between exposures (from your having to touch/hold the shutter button).

I just wanted to say "Grazie!" - Thanks!


P.S. Do you still need people to generate picture sets for you?


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