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Better denoising attempt

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Better denoising attempt
« on: 12 / February / 2008, 04:17:26 »
Hi all,

After some discussions with Dave Coffin, I decided to make a test version of dcraw with improved denoising.

The concept behind it is to seperate the Gaussian (signal independant) noise from the Poisson (signal dependent) noise distributions.

It may give 1/2-1 stop advantage. However, since there're now 2 variables to handle, things are more complicated:

1. Use -n XXX (normally 100-1000) to set the amount of denoise.
2. Use -N XXX (suggest 10-1000) to set the camera type dependent Gaussian standard deviation.

Once (2) is correctly found, it can be used for all RAW data from the camera, regardless of scene or ISO setting. There may be some automated statistical way to figure out the -N setting, but I do not yet know how to approach it.

Have fun, put the comments here so we can start collecting statistics.

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