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Re: SD990
« Reply #80 on: 30 / March / 2009, 02:13:21 »
You can use the "user menu" to create a menu of frequently used functions. A search of the forum or wiki should find instructions. Feature requests or questions not specific to this port should go in their own thread in an appropriate forum.

As for raw, if you are happy with the jpeg there's no reason to use it. Raw gives you more control and slightly more dynamic range at the expense of much more complicated workflow.
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Re: SD990
« Reply #81 on: 30 / March / 2009, 09:58:02 »
Hi there,
I'm sorry to be asking this question.  N00b that I am.
Where can I download a release of CHDK for the 980IS?  I've read every page of this thread and can't find a link.  I have found the firmware dumps and have extracted PRIMARY.BIN but did not get this to boot on my SD card - so I guess this is not the right file?
Sorry again...


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Re: SD990
« Reply #82 on: 30 / March / 2009, 10:27:30 »

post #29 on page 2 of this thread has the link... you need to be
logged in to see it...


PS ...and welcome to the forum

Re: SD990
« Reply #83 on: 30 / March / 2009, 10:43:01 »
Actually, you'll want to download the .zip from comment 44 on page 3 as well and copy the bootloader/ps.fi2 from there over the ones you extracted from the other files.
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Re: SD990
« Reply #84 on: 30 / March / 2009, 21:35:57 »

Thanks guys,
problem was I wasn't logged in... derr...

Got it all up and working - many thanks to the developer(s).  Fantastic work.


Re: SD990
« Reply #85 on: 01 / April / 2009, 12:40:43 »
Good stuff, been watching Chdk for some time now... found out about it from way back when.  I bought the canon sd990 back in december because it was top of the line compact with hopes it would be chdk'd one of these days.  Glad to see it's well on it's way, thanks for all the hard work! 

Re: SD990
« Reply #86 on: 02 / April / 2009, 03:02:16 »
Help my camera wont update the firmware anymore!

I was using the sd990-test-3.patch and it was working great. I decided to see what voltage the camera would shutdown at, so I let it shut itself down while doing a video and now I cannot load the firmware anymore...When it asks if I would like to update and I click 'ok' it shuts down within 1 second. I tried reloading the firmware on my sd card and using a different sd card which worked before with the firmware update and no luck. Any ideas??? I really want to use this!

Re: SD990
« Reply #87 on: 02 / April / 2009, 05:51:46 »
Here are battery voltage settings that represent well the state of the battery: max=4025, min=3375 (milliVolts)
The camera shuts down at ~3350.
The CHDK battery indicator is much better than Canon's, BTW. The Canon one shows a full battery until there's <~25% capacity left.
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Re: SD990
« Reply #88 on: 02 / April / 2009, 15:00:17 »
Mine shutdown at 3.25volts. But now it wont work with CHDK anymore...Reference my post above for more details. Please help!!!

Re: SD990
« Reply #89 on: 02 / April / 2009, 15:59:49 »
I am wondering if this could be a ram issue...Is there any way to clear the cameras internal ram(not the cameras firmware)?


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