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Just wanted to say "Thanks" for CHDK

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Just wanted to say "Thanks" for CHDK
« on: 28 / November / 2007, 18:06:01 »
Having dowloaded and used CHDK on an A560 and A570IS I'd like to say thanks to the developers for all their hard work - but the WIKI forums were so confusing (I never had any idea where I was or where/how I should be posting there).

So thanks very much to all concerned for a very impressive piece of software. :)

So far I've used the scripts to write an intervalometer and would love to see the motion detection on the A570.

Hopefully, these forums will make some discussion on CHDK accessible to more people.



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Re: Just wanted to say "Thanks" for CHDK
« Reply #1 on: 28 / November / 2007, 18:34:39 »
I too wanna thank GrAnd, Vitaly and all the others that have improved the CHDK.
I bought my A710 recently, when the A650 came out and I was in a real dilemma as wether to get the "stock" A650 or the tweakable A710. in the end even though I don't have the same image quality, flip screen and lcd, I'm still glad I bought a CHDK camera (one of the last A710s around here). CHDK was obviously the reason why I gave up on those hardware benefits.
I like it that just like my smartphone, now my camera keeps getting more and more interesting as opposed to me getting bored with it.
though it wasn't my intention until recently, I seem to be slightly getting into little programming changes now :) that's how interested I've gotten into it. :)
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Re: Just wanted to say "Thanks" for CHDK
« Reply #2 on: 12 / January / 2008, 21:39:05 »
I didn't know about CHDK until about 2 months ago and around the same time period I bought my first Canon camera (S5 IS), so even though I have never had the privilege of using CHDK; I still would like to thank all of you developers and anyone assisting in CHDK development!

A Big Thank You goes out to those working on Dryos (especially the S5, but any Dryos work will benefit me).  I hope in the end it all comes together and I cant wait till it is available for my camera. 

Thanks ;)


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