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Newbie in at the deep end

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Newbie in at the deep end
« on: 12 / January / 2008, 13:38:37 »

I was pointed to this site from Dpreview as I've just bought a Canon 720is digital camera and there's a few threads about firmware to suit this camera.

I have no idea what this does and how it's aquired but I've seen CHDK mentioned a few times so I've signed up for help if anyone can help I would be most grateful.

First off, what does C H D K stand for?
Second, Can anyone give me a rundown in dummyspeak about firmware, upload/downloads and anything else I could get a handle on to make me a better photograph taker/processor. (I hesitated before calling myself a photographer)

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Newbie in at the deep end
« Reply #1 on: 13 / January / 2008, 23:20:34 »
The A720IS firmware is still under development, it is one of the cameras which uses the new operating system so it will take some time before releases are available.

You might like to keep an eye on this thread;,234.0.html

Jeff666 and ewavr are the primary people working on the A720 at the moment

CHDK is basically a firmware patch/extension for Canon PowerShot cameras which adds extra features and allows bypassing of some of the camera's limitations;
Primary additions are:
* RAW Shooting (a feature normally limited to DSLR's)
* Scripting support
* Battery meters (in my opinion a glaring omission on Canon's part)
* Timelapse Photography
* Live 4 channel histogram
* Zebra mode (blinking highlights and shadows)
* Motion Detection (some builds)
* Remote Shutter Release via USB port (some builds)
* High speed shutter (up to 1/64,000; some builds)
* Long Exposure (up to 65 seconds; some builds)
* F-Stop override (smaller apertures; some builds)

What you need to know about CHDK as a user;
You will need to find your camera's firmware version (1.00c is the only version which has been dumped so far), you can find this by following the steps here;
Once CHDK is released for the firmware version of your camera you will be able to download a file DISKBOOT.BIN, all you need to do then is copy it to the root of your camera's SD card and lock the card (the card lock is bypassed by the firmware so you can still shoot photos)
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