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focus to infinity - G9

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focus to infinity - G9
« on: 24 / January / 2009, 20:34:19 »
I have been using the sunset.bas script with great sucess. Very nice.  One problem, however, is that when it get dark the autofocus start to seek.

I would like to modify it to:

enter manual focus
focus on infinity
return to autofocus on exit.

How do I focus to infinity on a G9?  What Button commands will let me manual/auto focus?

Re: focus to infinity - G9
« Reply #1 on: 04 / February / 2009, 17:15:41 »
You can zoom to infinity manually then with the shutter half-depressed use right thumb to hit MF and it will switch to MF and stay there unless you use other buttons on the camera besides  the shutter release.
G9 FW 1.0.0D
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