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450 / XSi

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450 / XSi
« on: 25 / January / 2009, 20:20:28 »
I'm looking into getting a XSi but also want to get CHDK on it mainly for the scripts.  Where do I download the CHDK for the XSi as I seem to be missing it.  Or am I just wrong and CHDK doesn't work on the XSi yet.



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Re: 450 / XSi
« Reply #1 on: 25 / January / 2009, 20:31:31 »
If a camera isn't in the supported cameras list on the front page or on the autobuild server http://mighty-hoernsche.de/, it isn't supported.

CHDK does not run on DSLRs, and most likely never will. Someone may make a related hack that runs on Canon DSLRs, but this hasn't happened yet. See the DSLR development forum for more details.
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