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G9- Bracketing and RAW

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G9- Bracketing and RAW
« on: 28 / January / 2009, 22:08:34 »
G9 Bracketing

I have latest CHDK on my G9 that had 1.0.0D fw. Works fine, but have two questions for starters:

1- I gather since the G9 already does RAW, that I leave that alone in CHDK? If I set it to capture RAW there it seems not to in camera even if camer a is set to RAW

2- Main reason I worked to get CHDK on G9 is to be able to do bracketing with one push of the shutter release when mounted on a tripod or otherwise. I gather I need to put the camera in braketing mode and make the settings there as usual AND set Tv bracketing? I am just not clear on how to make this happen. Ideally I could press the shutter once and get 5 shots -2, -1,0, +1, +2

Thanks for any detailed suggestions.
G9 FW 1.0.0D
CHDK g9-100d-0.9.9-863-full



Re: G9- Bracketing and RAW
« Reply #1 on: 29 / January / 2009, 19:01:47 »
2 - You could probably do this with the intervalometer, but search the forum for instructions on how to do it. On a ixus/powershot I select my bracketing options (step, faactor, etc) in the CHDK menu, and then I configure the came Custom shots to take 10 shots in a row, with 2 sec delay (for example).

This makes the camera take the 10 shots in continuous mode and activate CHDK bracketing.


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