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Lost in Scripts

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Lost in Scripts
« on: 13 / February / 2009, 09:00:20 »
Hi All,

I'm going to be on a segway touring DC in a couple of weeks and wanted to timelapse the experience.  I figured the Carlapse LUA script would be perfect, but I have no idea how to properly load the script and how to edit it to fit my needs.  I've tried just copying it into the scripts folder as a .lua file, but when i try to activate it on my G7, it still plays the default script.

I've looked around on this site for a couple of days now but I'm just getting more lost.  Can anyone help?  Or at least point me to the most suitable FAQ?

Thanks in advance!


Re: Lost in Scripts
« Reply #1 on: 13 / February / 2009, 10:38:41 »
Never mind,  I figured out the first bit.  Any help on getting setting it up for my purposes would still be appreciated.


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