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Re: A590
« Reply #60 on: 15 / December / 2008, 23:44:06 »
Hi All,

I am new to this Forum, so please excuse me if I inadvertently infringe your protocol.

I recently purchased the A590IS since it seemed to offer everything I wanted in a digital camera except "zoom during video".

I was put off by this until I saw reference to "CHDK" and what it could do to enable extra features in Canon cameras including this "Zoom during Video" feature.

I went through all the procedures to ascertain it was F/W version 1.01B and then downloaded the CHDK file a590-101b-0.8.10-639-full.zip from a website and using cardtricks installed it on my SD card.

With great anticipation, I installed the SD card, and powered on and was rewarded by the "splash" screen of SHDK and pressing "Print" brought up the menu.  I went to the "Video" menu, and it said "Optical Zoom" was enabled.

However, testing it out, no optical zoom was initiated only digital zoom (which is the default).

Have I got the latest version of CHDK for this camera?  Have other people with the a590IS experienced this, or is it a fault in my particular camera?

I know it is a lot to ask, and I gratefully acknowledge all the hard work done by the CHDK developers, but I am hoping this issue has been addressed somewhere.

I would love to have this feature, and it would make the camera as close to perfect as can be reasonably expected on the real world.

Many thanks.


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Re: A590
« Reply #61 on: 16 / December / 2008, 04:44:14 »
Using Zoom video is now little bit tricky.
1.enable digital zoom (standard menu)
2.enable zoom video (CHDK menu - it is enabled by default)
3.before recording video use zoom, don't leave camera "not zoomed" before recording video
4.record video - zoom is working (also you can mute sound while zooming, but I don't know if it is working now)

Maybe in later relases will be corrected.

Re: A590
« Reply #62 on: 21 / December / 2008, 05:53:28 »

Thanks to those people on the forum who responded to my enquiry re "Zoom during Video" for the a590.

Apparently the secret to getting this working is to use the camera in Standard Movie mode with "Digital Zoom" enabled.

Before commencing shooting a video, ensure you optically zoom the lens out even a short way in the "Telephoto" direction.  Then after pressing the shutter button to start the video recording, you need to zoom the lens back to the wide angle position.  This will engage the optical zoom, and from then on you can use "Optical Zoom" and "Digital zoom" to give a total of 16X zoom.

The only drawback with this system is quite considerable motor noise when you optically zoom, which I guess why Canon decided not to include this feature.

Thanks again for the help received from this Forum.


Re: A590
« Reply #63 on: 23 / February / 2009, 17:52:35 »
today uploaded  1.01B a590-101b-0.9.6-714-full.zip on my a590.
in video params found new option  <af key> - now u have to press 'set' or 'half shutter' to use o.zoom in video mode (standart movie, dig zoom enabled)    hope this ia s new option, bcause i'm new with chdk

but where is option to make mike mute to reduce noise???? disappeared
does anybody know?

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