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where did the script for S1IS go to?

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where did the script for S1IS go to?
« on: 15 / February / 2009, 13:29:24 »
I've been reading the main wiki and others (hackaday, wired, pcmag) for a few months - yes I AM dense...
Recently the only reference to S1IS  I am finding is that it is NOT supported yet somewhere along the line I came across and downloaded "pss1is_firm_win-e.exe" (which I may or may not have re-named, I honestly don't remember.) Contents of zip file: folder: PowerShotS1IS_f; files: CDPTPCLS.dll, EWatch.exe, FirmInfo.txt, IWrap.dll, PS_S1.FIR, UploadFirmware.exe, and readme.txt.
I admit I have not tried loading it on my flash and popping it in my camera, I'm a bit scared of damaging it.
My question is; Where did I get this from in the first place, where did it go to, is it a legitimate script... or "firmware" and what IS firmware vs CHDK? I read the "for dummies",  maybe someone can point me at "imbiciles"...    ???
Curious and I'd like to play but I don't get it! Where should I look for the MOST basic tutorial - like what is and how do you use ISO, f-stop... that stuff. Geeze - I can't believe I can't wrap my head around this when I've got a brother who has made a living in photography since the '60s!   :-[


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Re: where did the script for S1IS go to?
« Reply #1 on: 15 / February / 2009, 13:55:49 »
That is a firmware upgrade from Canon, probably released to fix a bug in the original firmware. Firmware is ... well, it's Canon's software that sits firmly in the camera, not intended to be taken away or modified, required for the camera to work.

CHDK is not and will not be available for S1IS, because it's not similar to the supported cameras in ways that matter.

CHDK is software loaded from the SD card, usually we like to set it to start automatically when the camera is powered on. CHDK is not firmware, but since it's started by exploiting Canon's firmware update feature, some terminological confusion surfaces.


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