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Fixing camera lens errors (software or hardware)

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Fixing camera lens errors (software or hardware)
« on: 21 / March / 2009, 22:23:57 »
Well, I posted a while ago that I would like to have an intervalometer to the camera so that it can take time lapse epictures, and turn the camera off between shots.
I did that already with a PIC microcontroller, on some old Samsung camera without movable lenses, and I would like to do something similar with a Canon camera.
The problem is, extending and retracting the lenses after each shot is probably going to ruin the camera after a thousands shots or so (cheap plastic gears), and moving that motor is not exactly battery friendly.

So I came up with an idea: I want to buy a broken camera on Ebay (one with lens error), fully extend the lens (manually), glue it in place, and then I have two options:
1. Make the camera software NOT try to extend/retract the lens, and no check for the correct lens posistion.
2. Hack the hardware (with a PIC) and intercept the signals for extending/retracting the lenses, and also for the encoder that tells the camera: everything is OK.

I would appreciate any input on this subject. I think someone posted before regarding using a hardware solution, or maybe some lens datasheet or something.


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