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24P for 5DMkII pretty please?!

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24P for 5DMkII pretty please?!
« on: 19 / February / 2009, 13:47:13 »
Just putting in one more post to urge and plead for you hackers out there to find a way to get the 5DmkII to capture in 24P (ideally 23.976fps) instead of 30P that it currently records in.  As a filmmaker, this would solve the final hurdle to making this camera viable for use in MANY people's projects.  The other problems can all be worked around, they aren't ideal solutions, but they aren't deal breakers either.

For people in the US, 23.976fps can be shown on blu-ray disks (which don't support 30P) and more importantly maintains the 'filmic' look that I, and millions of other filmmakers strive for.  For people in 50hz countries, 24P can be converted to 25P with a simple speed up, verses the 30P to 25P or 50i conversion, which is nasty and brutish (and looks like [admin: avoid swearing please]).

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Re: 24P for 5DMkII pretty please?! $9000 USD Reward available
« Reply #1 on: 19 / February / 2009, 15:52:52 »
--> http://chdk.setepontos.com/index.php/topic,2.0.html   >:(

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Re: 24P for 5DMkII pretty please?! $9000 USD Reward available
« Reply #2 on: 19 / February / 2009, 16:03:42 »
We've already been over this with the owner of that site: http://canonhack.com/?p=6#comment-106

and FWIW, saying there is a $9000 reward is misleading at best, since most of that is in the form of commitment free "pledges". I don't know what the typical ratio is in this kind of thing, but I'd be shocked if it was even 10%. Talk is cheap, especially semi-anonymous talk on the internet.
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Re: 24P for 5DMkII pretty please?!
« Reply #3 on: 19 / February / 2009, 17:54:05 »
Whoops, my bad.

I have edited my post to remove the references to canonhack.com.
The stuff about why people want 24P on 5DmkII is still applicable.


Re: 24P for 5DMkII pretty please?!
« Reply #4 on: 25 / March / 2009, 04:04:19 »
I dont think 24p is that great (esp not true 24p at 23.976), I'm a film student and I think 24p is horrible, 24p is on the very cusp of maintaining the illusion of motion, and has terrible problems with fast motion and fast panning etc, even film.

I dont think such an artefact is a 'filmic' look as you put it, a variable frame would be much better (like from 1-30 etc).

The good part of the 'filmic' look essentially comes down to narrow depth of field (which you have already on a 5D Mk II), tonality (which you can achieve in PP), and a wide exposure latitude (no hard clipping/blowing out, which you can achieve by controlling your lighting.

A 50p video with these attributes looks absolutely jaw dropping if you can find some.

Re: 24P for 5DMkII pretty please?!
« Reply #5 on: 12 / May / 2009, 05:36:24 »
24p is a proven for almost century. What didn't You like about it? Why it isn't enough? I can agree that a still frame from 24p looks bad compared to 50p, but the early motion pictures have even lower fps and still maintain the experience. I'd prefer a 4K shooting at 24p versus 2k @ 50 fps. For some special occasion - sports etc. more framerate is better, but with a good following and planing almost any shot on 24p can look fluid and detailed. Of course the still frames doesn't counnt here - for the still frame maniacs You've got 21MP out of the same camera.
Yet along 24p as I mentioned several things would be really nice - a 2K extract from the center of the sensor - when You plan to pan and would really like to minimize the rolling shutter. a 4K to 2K extract - I think this is a must since it would be much easier to take only 4k from the sensor, but instead of just skipping lines to interpolate the image. Yet with 4k You wont't loose too much of the frame - from 5616 pixels You should get 3840 - that's just a hint more than 2/3 of the frame. Of course as I said earlier a full 4K from the sensor would be overkill... Then the cinema people would have to worry for real.
Manual control is out of the question - simply a MUST before anything else!

Re: 24P for 5DMkII pretty please?!
« Reply #6 on: 22 / September / 2009, 16:04:08 »
wait what? they were talking about 24p (@ 1080p) and you are talking about a 4K extract? what?

I will assume you mean a correctly sized crop from a 21mp image, but I just am not sure!

Re: 24P for 5DMkII pretty please?!
« Reply #7 on: 17 / October / 2009, 11:41:20 »
Exactly - see it as a window that You CROP from the 21MP - it could be precisely 1920x1080, but it could be twice that size (3840x2160) and blend it to 1920x1080. in the first scenario You will be using a dramatic crop - around 3 times smaller - that will mean that Your 24-105 will be 75-300... With the second scenario - You will have a much more moderate crop - around x 1.5 - resulting in Your 24-105 to feel like 36-160. Which is not so bad. But since Canon are said to be working on a new circuit - DIGIC V - taht will have special scale part - enabling them to scale down the whole image from 21 MP to 2 MP without the artefacts and without skipping frames I think that all these talks are obsolete.


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