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help with Canon SX100IS

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help with Canon SX100IS
« on: 18 / February / 2009, 02:26:20 »
my camera is a Canon SX 100 IS (firmware 1.00C) works great but im looking for alittle more functionality (mainly HDR)

however i am having issues with running CHDK on the camera. according to the FAQ's (which i read entirely) i should be able to load DISKBOOT.BIN and PS.FI2 into the root with a sub folder named "CHDK" containing a bunch of smaller folders from "BOOKS" to "SYMBOLS"

now, the issue is when i run "firmware update" it goes through the motions and flashes the blue LED and comes up with a little CHDK logo (in red). all this is done through the preview mode in the camera since the update firmware option is not available when the camera is actually turned on. when in this mode i can access the "ALT" option which is indicated at the bottom of the screen.

however when i try restarting the camera i cannot access the ALT settings page and there is no indication of any CHDK tom foolerly going on. this is with the SD memory card set to unlocked. when i try to preform any of these steps with the SD card set to lock i cannot do anything.

misc info.
Operating system: Windows 7 Beta 7000
Laptop: Dell inspiron 1501 with integrated SD card reader
SD card: 2.0Gb kingston

all steps were preformed using Windows file explorer. when i attempt to run cardtricks 1.14 i cannot select my SD card from the list. i cannot even exit the program without going through the whole Ctrl+Alt+Delete dealio.

is there something i'm missing here? about ready to just give up and get a Rebel XSi.


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Re: help with Canon SX100IS
« Reply #1 on: 18 / February / 2009, 04:47:16 »
Hello, and welcome to the forum !

As you of course know (having read the FAQs) CHDK is not a firmware update but a transient program.
So, it is logical that it will be gone on cam shutdown ! If you want it to to autoboot (using DISKBOOT.BIN)
2 things are vital:

1) the file system should be FAT16   and   2) the card should be write protected
These are restrictions imposed by the Canon firmware (CHDK later tricks the cam into ignoring the write protection)
The FAT16-only restriction is especially painfull, since it is impossible to format cards > 4 Gb with it ...
re-read this FAQ:
                          (especially "Notes" at the end)
Sorry to hear that CardTricks doesn't work on Win 7, but hey, it is a beta OS - if the trend set in with Vista continues,
i sincerely doubt that you're gonna be able to do any low level stuff on your SD card with it ...
The guys from Stereo Data Maker have come up with a utility to partition SD cards,
but i have no idea if it works on Win 7 (attached)
More info on making your card bootable is in the Wiki here:



edit: oops, missed that you mentioned a 2 Gb card. Then it's just the OS, prepare your card on XP or (shudder!) Vista ...
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Re: help with Canon SX100IS
« Reply #2 on: 23 / February / 2009, 21:15:18 »
ran card tricks on a Vista machine. CHDK works now  :D

how to just figure out how to do everything. back to the FAQ!


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