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707 error - what could it mean?

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707 error - what could it mean?
« on: 27 / February / 2009, 12:40:20 »
i believe i've reached a functionally stable point with my code and now i'm dividing it into lua libs. this has been a very slow process because i need to let my script loop through at least 40 times for this particular error to appear. it seems to relate to how i've divided my code into libs but i'm not completely certain of that. however, the error is always the same...


any ideas on what it could mean?

Re: 707 error - what could it mean?
« Reply #1 on: 16 / March / 2009, 14:26:01 »
I'm still fighting this problem and not sure if i've gotten any closer. I'm curious if anyone understands the underlying error reporting mechanism. A more detailed understanding of the error could really help me fix it.


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