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IXUS 80IS shutter override

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IXUS 80IS shutter override
« on: 02 / March / 2009, 11:29:04 »
Maybe a numpty question but I am new ???

I have an Ixus 80IS running the correct version of CHDK etc etc.
I want to use a longer shutter speed but can only get the override to work in RAW mode...
or (thinks a little bit) that RAW takes longer giving illusion of longer shutter speed.
Anyway i cant do it in jpeg.
I am setting (for example) 16sec and the value below to one. When I go back to normal camera it only takes my auto setting.
Any ideas?


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Re: IXUS 80IS shutter override
« Reply #1 on: 02 / March / 2009, 13:03:32 »
...and the value below to one.

Are you talking about the "value factor"?
If so, try tu set it to '1', because that number will be multiplied by the choosen "Override shutter speed" which in your case is '16'.

Do some experiments with, say, 60 seconds so you can really tell if the camera is using that time. It should take an exposure of 60 sec plus 60 sec of dark frame subtraction. Total 2 minutes.


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Re: IXUS 80IS shutter override
« Reply #2 on: 02 / March / 2009, 14:56:18 »

...and don't believe the Canon OSD - since the original Canon firmware don't know anything about the CHDK overrides, it always shows the "default" values.

...btw - welcome in the CHDK forum !

Re: IXUS 80IS shutter override
« Reply #3 on: 03 / March / 2009, 04:19:31 »
Thanks for the replies...
Managed to get it going last night. I suspect it was a combination of things. (value factor being one of them!)
Thanks all


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