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Bug with CHDK build 719 on a SX100IS 100b

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Bug with CHDK build 719 on a SX100IS 100b
« on: 10 / March / 2009, 19:16:58 »

I'm opening this topic to post a bug that has occurred after i installed the new version (719) of the CHDK on my SX100IS working with the firmware 100b.

This version of the CHDK works just fine with exciting features, but i'm experiencing a problem that is quite strange.

When i select a mode it show the correct values of the respective mode, as an example for Av it shows the aperture and the exposition values, but when i try to select this values to manualy calibrate them, it selects the values that are used in the previous mode selected.

I know that this is quite confusing, but imagine this example: You are in Tv mode where u should be able to calibrate shutter speed and exposition values. And you switch to Av mode where you should be able to calibrate aperture and exposition values, but instead of it when u press the +/- button to switch between this values it switches not between the values of this mode but between the values os the previous mode, in this case the Tv mode.

It seems that the CHDK are provocking some kind of delay when u switch modes, making it capable only of selecting the values that are involved in the previous mode used.

Does anyone have noticed that problem?
Did anyone know any way to solve it, or why is this hapenning?
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