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Re: Eos 400d ( Rebel XTI )
« Reply #1850 on: 23 / November / 2015, 02:59:18 »
1. If I do delete pictures from CF card using cardreader directly, camera thinkns that pictures are still there till I format CF. Meaning, let's say free space approx. 200 pcs left on crd, I delete 100, it's still reports 200 left. When there's plenty space left, camera says: replace CF card till format and restore CHDK.

It could be a FileSystem problem. Try formating the card on the camera, then reinstall 400Plus. Do not format it with the card reader. See if this helps.
// AF

Re: Eos 400d ( Rebel XTI )
« Reply #1851 on: 28 / January / 2016, 08:48:24 »
I just typed a lengthy post and it failed to post - so I'll try a shorter version...

I'm new to 400+, I use the latest release on a 1GB/FAT card.
No problems using it, I have only tried with one lens at the moment - EF-S 18-135 STM

1. Battery life is definitely worse when running 400+. But I cant see why
2. I don't think my card is deleting files but could be a recycle-bin issue - I will check
3. I had a low battery message, powered off and put the camera away. 10mins later I checked it and the CF light and blue light were continuously flashing. I had to remove the battery to stop this.
4. When previewing images and moving left/right through them it sometimes gets stuck on one image and the CF light flashes for about 10 seconds and then doesn't move onto the next image (may be related to item 2)
5. Sometimes when I turn on the camera, the CF light flashes a lot and I have to turn it off and on again before I can do anything with it. This doesn't happen every time though.
6. Interverlometer doesn't do anything - it opens the shutter and locks up.


Re: Eos 400d ( Rebel XTI )
« Reply #1852 on: 28 / January / 2016, 13:12:16 »
I was wrong about item 2 - the card was clearing space. Shocked that a 1GB card only has space for 70 images - I don't normally use small cards!  So this doesn't account for item 4.

Re: Eos 400d ( Rebel XTI )
« Reply #1853 on: 28 / January / 2016, 13:30:04 »
Can you please confirm that "latest version" is "20150902-01"? Has your camera version "1.1.1" of the official firmware installed?

I have done (literally) one thousand shots with that latest version, and many, many, many more with previous versions, and I have never experienced any of the issues you comment. Please, take no offense, I am not implying you are doing anything wrong; but also understand that this report is quite surprising to me. 400plus is far from being flawless, but I think I have a good idea of those flaws, and these problems your report are not what I would expect.

Let's tackle those problems:

1 - Any additional feature has to have an impact of the battery life, because the processor in the camera needs to spend some additional resources to perform those tasks. But that impact is so small I doubt it is even measurable, let alone noticeable; I use cheap Chinese batteries, and haven't noticed any problem regarding battery life.

2 - There are no features in 400plus regarding file deletion; not when deleting from the camera, and not when deleting from the computer; I do not see how could 400plus be interfering here. After filling and emptying (not formatting) my cards several times, I can be pretty sure that files deleted from the computer are really deleted in the card. If there is a recycle bin issue, then it must be related to the operating system in your computer.

3 - I have never let the camera drain the batteries completely, so this one seems more plausible, I will investigate further.

4 - This has never happened to me, and there are no features in 400plus related to that screen.

5 - Are you using "custom modes"?

6 - Did you fire it using the SET button (not the shutter)? Was the intervalometer perhaps configured to shot using BULB mode?

Re: Eos 400d ( Rebel XTI )
« Reply #1854 on: 29 / January / 2016, 17:42:26 »
I understand the questions - I am not offended.

I upgraded from 1.1.0 to 1.1.1
Then installed the required firmware to run the autoexec
And I am using the 20150902-01 build.

I have done a bit more testing now and I beleive most of the issues are linked to poor batteries.

1. Battery life.
I have 8 batteries (from 350D and 400D) and it turns out that 2 of them are now faulty. Both of these are > 9 yrs old (non-canon)
It was unfortunate that I discovered this at the same time as I was testing 400+.
With good batteries I dont see a fast drain of power.
So - no battery issues. My mistake.
I have confirmed the 2 batteries are faulty - I fully charged them both and used in the 400D & 350D and they drain quickly (no 400+ involved in this test). So they have been discarded.

2. Files.
I used an old 1GB card to test 400+. As I rarely use this size I hadn't noticed how few shots it would hold.
The camera estimates 54 shots on a clean card (@ ISO 100, and 44 @ ISO 1600). In my intitial test I shot about 45 images and suddenly noticed that the camera was showing 7 shots left.
Since I had been copying files (and not formatting) I wrongly assumed that I was not recovering space, or 400+ was filling the card.
But, once again, my mistake sorry ..... these 1GB cards dont hold much.

My workflow now is to download with BreezeSys and then use the delete function in that software... it works as needed and I dont need to format the card. A 'delete all' option in 400+ would be nice but not essential.

3. Low battery / odd behaviour.
This is one I can't explain. It has only happened once so far. May be realted to the bad battery.
I also have the 'sensor clean on power off' enabled so it may have got stuck somehow.
But if I get a low battery again I will watch how it behaves.

4. Slow to navigate between images.
I cannot reproduce this issue. So aain, it may be the bad battery.

5. CF light staying on durin power up.
Once again - battery. I cannot reproduce this now.

6. Interverlometer
I used the shutter button :(
I tried again with SET and it all works perfectly.

Sorry to have sent you on a wild goose chase.

I have now tried a few more features and very impressed.

I like the hand-wave trigger to avoid camera shake, but I cant seem to get the mirror lock up to work with it.
i.e.  I set the camera up for HDR with AEB of 9 shots, mirror lockup enabled, and triggered by hand.
But the mirror doesn't lock up in this mode.
Is this possible - i.e. take multiple shots with zero camera shake??

Re: Eos 400d ( Rebel XTI )
« Reply #1855 on: 30 / January / 2016, 11:04:02 »
I'm glad (almost)everything is working as expected now!

Besides, the mirror lock-up feature only works inside a script when the camera's self-timer (not the 2s delay from 400plus) is also active; this is a known limitation of 400plus (I think it is documented somewhere).

New BETA Release Available
« Reply #1856 on: 31 / January / 2016, 04:56:16 »
I have released a new BETA version at https://github.com/400plus/400plus/releases/tag/20160131-BETA.

Most important change is that now 400plus will write configuration files to a folder called "400PLUS". You can create such folder yourself, and move all your files execept AUTOEXEC.BIN there; or you can let 400plus do it for you.

It also fixes a small bug in the Polish translation.

Hope you enjoy it,

Re: Eos 400d ( Rebel XTI )
« Reply #1857 on: 18 / February / 2016, 17:11:08 »
There is yet another BETA release at https://github.com/400plus/400plus/releases/tag/20160218-BETA:

  • "Quick exposure" now works continuously while you are holding the DOWN button down.
  • "Fixed exposure" now works while you are holding the SET button down; there is no need to press once to enable the feature and once again to disable it.
  • In the "Long exposure calculator", you can now change the Ev, and the calculator will compensate by changing the exposure time; you no longer need to play with the exposure time to achieve the desired Ev.
  • When pressing the DP button to enter 400plus' menu, the original menu does not flash in the display.
  • When the "Better DISP button" is active, press the DISP button once then cycle through the brightness levels using the UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT buttons, then press SET to leave the feature; pressing DISP twice will switch the display off.
  • Actions attached to TRASH and JUMP buttons are now called shortcuts, and work a bit differen. In general, you must hold down the JUMP or TRASH button, then use UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGTH to use the feature. There is also some info on the display about the active shortcut. Jump to to see shortcuts in action.

Re: Eos 400d ( Rebel XTI )
« Reply #1858 on: 24 / February / 2016, 11:44:35 »
Nevermind. Upgraded to beta, found the features I needed.

Mama don't take my intervalometer from me.
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Re: Eos 400d ( Rebel XTI )
« Reply #1859 on: 25 / February / 2016, 17:18:29 »
There where a couple of minor bugs in the latest BETA, here is another one: https://github.com/400plus/400plus/releases/tag/20160225-BETA


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